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Versace for H&M

The highly anticipated Best of Versace collection for H&M finally had it’s presentation, or shall I say spectacle, in New York and everyone was invited: Celebrities, fashionistas, bloggers – Uma Thurman, Jessica Alba, Blake Lively, as well as Elin Kling and Bryan Boy on the blogger side, just to name a few. I guess people who have the most influence on the potential costumer. Watching the video of the show I felt like the entire cast of Gossip Girl was sitting in the front row.

Honestly, I loved the trailer for the collection – but this is about clothes. There seems to have been a huge amount of effort put in to promoting a collection, which frankly does not knock me off my socks. Sure it’s glamourous, there’s a lot of bling and bold prints. Yet it seems dated and weirdly inconsistent.

The lookbook is good – the picture with the two blondes has a creepy vibe to it, which I like. Plus, there’s Abbey Lee Kershaw – who looks good in anything, let’s face it.

I’m very curious to see these clothes hanging on the racks of a crowded H&M – I think that will cost them their glamour factor. And how many people can pull off tropical prints and all-over studs? We shall wait and see.

madness part 1

November 11th is quite the important date here in Cologne, since it’s the start of the fifth season – carnival. It being the 11/11/11, this year is extra special.

I’m no huge fan of the traditional no-brainer-beerfest, but I don’t ever pass up a chance to dress up.

So, what to wear? Since this is only part one of the carnival madness, there’s no need to go overboard with the costume, something last-minute will do. There’s still plenty of time to get your costume for round two in february.

I’ll be pairing up with my dear friend – let’s just say we wanted to go as men – more is yet to come, I’ll try and upload something tomorrow.

Here’s some fashiony inspiration.. Still, I think one shouldn’t be afraid to go ugly.

images via ilovewildfox.com and Ben Trovato