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The other day my friend the talented photographer Volker Conradus (who has an amazing personal style by the way) invited me for a spontaneous photo shoot. I recently purchased a pleated pleather skirt at H&M (the material looks very authentic I must say!) and wanted to have it photographed. I think it’s one of the best garments I bought this year. I styled it with a silver sweater from H&M and Nelly heels. I’m not a model as you can see from the poses but I had fun and I think the photos turned out to be pretty cool, no?

Volker Conradus©

heia norge!

Today is may 17th, the Norwegian constitution day. On the picture you can see my last time celebrating this day in Norway back in 1995 at my aunt’s house in Oslo. 

If you want to see how the norwegians celebrate their national holiday and how they celebrate their high school graduation, watch this episode of Dexpedition (Seriously, watch it)..

These guys are hysterical!