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NSMBL super sale


I am selling a bunch of my clothes at the NSMBL super sale at Bar Italia tomorrow alongside other bloggers and stylists. Come on over, I promise it’s worth it!


Today was the first day of my fashion, branding and communications internship at Fashiolista. I work in a beautiful office right in the centre of Amsterdam and I get to communicate with users through e-mails and social media. I’ll be posting some stuff on their Instagram, so follow @fashiolista_com for some updates. Even though uni is quite stressful at the moment, I am so happy to have something else besides school. Oh, and we have the cutest office dog ever.FotoFoto

Biggest Crush

It was love at first sight when I entered the Acne shop in Amsterdam today. Actually, I had already seen them online, but up close they are even more amazing: the Lila ankle boots. Lots of buckles, patent leather and a rubber sole. I’m in love. Now all I need is 540€..Acne LilaAcne LilaAcne Lila

Where I live

I’ve been wanting to do a post like this for a while to show you some details of my room here in Amsterdam. So this is where I live:

my room

I have always loves hatstands and when I moved in, this red one was standing in my room. The pink table is a new acquisition of mine. I bought it at Dom and it is super smart, as the top part is a tray that you can take off the stand. I call it my trayble.

my room

In this photo you can see a couple of boxes that I really love. The one with the wooden bottom and the heavy glass lid is from Iittala and the one I use to keep my sunglasses in is from Muji.

my room

This adorable chain of lights were a gift from my mom to lighten up my dark attic space.

my room

This one hangs above my bed and matches a globe that I have on my nightstand. I don’t know what it is about maps but I just find them so beautiful.

my roomMy window.

Busy me

Wow, so I realized that I haven’t posted a single thing on here since January. That’s not ok. But in my defense, I have been really busy at Amfi, learning how to design, construct and finish a garment. Still can’t believe I actually did it considering the sewing machine was a stranger to me until recently. If you’re interested to see it, check out this video – my design is worn by the third girl on the “runway”, aka our design class room.

After finishing this project, I had the so called midterm assessment, which I passed, allowing me to stay at the school.

1. semester: check.

Then, I couldn’t resist going back to Cologne to celebrate carnival. Here’s a photo of possibly my most successful costume to date:


Happy 60th, Fred Perry

Yesterday night I attended the 60 year anniversary party for Fred Perry at Trouw here in Amsterdam. They showed a film which was like a fashion history lesson of the last century with an amazing soundtrack – really interesting. The documentary showed the history of Fred Perry, which started out as a brand for Tennis sports wear and later influenced subculture styles like the Teddy boys to Mod and skin heads (who in the sixties actually had nothing to do with racism) to Soul boys, Punk and Brit Pop, always staying true to british style. The theory was that nowadays, thanks to the Internet, British subcultures are nonexistent because nothing really stays under the radar. But then the future will tell..
A highlight of the evening was definitely the band Kuenta i Tambu, who played some funky Curaçao beats.



Weekday, Rokin 84

Last night I was lucky enough to be able to go to the opening of the new Weekday store in Amsterdam – very good looking store with 3 floors, located on Rokin 84. It was a lot more spectacular than the opening in Cologne, mostly because of one week of give aways, an awesome after party at Trouw and a goody bag filled with loads of lovely things:

Here are a couple of snapshots taken from Instagram (@Weekday_Amsterdam) just to give you an idea of the event..