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Seeking Love. Finding Overalls.

Being a longtime fan of Leandra Medine and her blog, I was thrilled to receive her book ‘Man Repeller – Seeking Love. Finding Overalls.’ for my 22nd birthday yesterday. I’ll let you know how it is..Man Repeller

New in: Dream Boots

I got them! My dream boots! Just chunky enough, soft leather and perfect heel height. They are from Zara so I worry about the quality, since I know I will be wearing them a lot. Aren’t they divine though?Zara boots

Sightseeing in Prague

This weekend I’m in Prague and since the weather was incredibly nice I went for some sightseeing with my favorite photographer yesterday. What I’m wearing: T-Shirt from Asos, scuba skirt from H&M trend, sunnies from Zipper with a Monki chain and my new lipstick of choice from Inglot (no. 420). Also, I have another beauty favorite that I need to talk about. The Kiehl’s BB cream. Super smooth and perfect for someone who doesn’t like to wear makeup.

Me in PragueMe in PragueMe in PragueMe in PragueMe in Prague

Photos by Hendrik Jung


New in

Topshop has arrived to Amsterdam. On Monday I went to the opening at De Bijenkorf and of course I couldn’t resist buying something. Got this sporty long sleeve with airtex details from Topman actually (guys they have great stuff!). But I have my eye on a white teddy bear fur jacket as well as a powdery pink trench coat.



Just some beautiful photographs that I have recently downloaded including some lovely vintage Moss and Anja Konstantinova’s hair. Keywords are fresh, delicate, girly, vulnerable, oh and of course cat.
Inspiration Inspiration Inspiration Inspiration Inspiration Inspiration Inspiration Inspiration


Images via Tumblr, Pinterest, Wolfcub, Because I’m Addicted

NSMBL super sale


I am selling a bunch of my clothes at the NSMBL super sale at Bar Italia tomorrow alongside other bloggers and stylists. Come on over, I promise it’s worth it!

My pick

People who know me know that I’m mildly obsessed with Asos. Not that they have better clothes than other places, but there’s something so easy about clicking the purchase button. When the parcel arrives the memory of payment is long gone and I feel like I am receiving a present. And then I get to unpack. Here are some of the items on my watch list (I often just watch items for weeks waiting for the inevitable tick tock shop or sunday sale). I am about 85% sure that I will buy the vagabond chelsea boots.. just need that final push (aka more cash).ASOS favorites

Lacanau Océan

Long time no see! This was the longest hiatus in Røra Blog history, but I am determined to get back to more regular posting habits.

So without further ado, here are some pictures from my vacation to Lacanau Océan in the south of France. What a beautiful place that was. And being with the boyfriend always has the advantage that I will have nice pictures of myself (among of course many other advantages). Clothes-wise, these pictures feature a graphic bra from H&M, an old t-shirt that I cut up, my beloved leather jacket from I Don’t Like Mondays as well as a denim circle skirt from Asos.

LacanauLacanauLacanau Lacanau LacanauLacanauLacanauPhotos by Hendrik Jung® and some taken from my Instagram


Today was the first day of my fashion, branding and communications internship at Fashiolista. I work in a beautiful office right in the centre of Amsterdam and I get to communicate with users through e-mails and social media. I’ll be posting some stuff on their Instagram, so follow @fashiolista_com for some updates. Even though uni is quite stressful at the moment, I am so happy to have something else besides school. Oh, and we have the cutest office dog ever.FotoFoto

New in

New In New InGot something new from Asos.. again. I know it’s like super boring of me to always buy stuff from the same place but how could I resist this top? It’s cropped, white and transparent! All the things I like. Plus I got 20% off.. It’s really not my fault.

Oh, and I’m sorry for the amateur pics, I hate uploading selfies but I don’t have any photographer around at the moment so this will have to do.