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Must mention from NYFW

While the first half of the Proenza Schouler collection didn’t really convince me, the second half was magical. I can’t get enough of those shimmery pleated skirts with the crop tops and the boxy jumpers. Great silhouettes and beautiful color palette.Proenza Schouler SS14Louise Goldin’s spring/summer ’14 collection is just too cute. She takes the tennis player look from the court to the streets and I love it.
Louise Goldin SS14Can’t really talk about fashion week without mentioning Alexander Wang, who brought back logo mania this year. If I could have one item it would be the parental advisory sweater – this is for sure the hot piece.Alexander Wang SS14

Images via Style.com

NYFW: Rag & Bone

This one is going to be hard to beat. The Rag & Bone S/S 2014 collection is that good. And it’s so me! It is like they made my sartorial dreams come true and presented exactly what I want to wear right now – which is the only thing that makes me doubt the success of this collection: Will it still be cool in 2014? It’s very nineties with the neckholder crop tops, thin straps, dungarees and bare belly buttons and it’s combined with sportswear which is also very now. Somehow I feel if they had launched this collection last year it would have felt more new and innovative but now I feel like David Neville and Marcus Wainwright simply jumped on the bandwagon of cool with this collection. Nevertheless, I love it and I do not mind whatsoever that the 90s will stick around for another season. All those shimmery dresses, sheer fabrics and the polo shirts are fantastic and don’t get me started on those shoes! Here are some of my favorite looks (via Style.com)

Rag & Bone SS14Rag & Bone SS14



WhiteMy inspirations folder is full of the color white these days. The 90s vibe seems to be just as omnipresent. Here are some of my favorite examples in a collage. F R E S H, no?


Favorite items of 2012

Favorite items 2012

It’s that time of the year, you start looking back at what has happened this year, in your own life, in the world, personal achievements and wether last year’s new year’s resolutions were put into practice or need to be on the list again for 2013. My 2012 was definitely life changing. I went from giving up my studies in Germany to getting in at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, moving, finding new friends etc.
Now I did a little fashion look-back with my favorite items of the year, including iconic pieces like the bulldog T-shirt from Givenchy (12), the Acne Platforms (2) or my recently acquired boots from the Asos White collection (16).
While in my opinion last year was all about the colors, this year was all about rich textures and mixing materials. Let’s start with smooth leather on Chloe Sevigny’s dress (1) for Opening Ceremony and the H&M peplum top (8), the peplum of course being a major trend this year. Very high up on my unrealistic wish list was the powdery velours biker jacket from Acne (6)  with the rose gold accents. Or what about glossy textures like the Juju Jellies (10) or patent leather as seen on H&M x Marni’s take on the Letterman jacket (3) or why not just a PVC crop top (15) that looks like it came from a sex shop? For a cuddly feeling, why not some velvet underwear (20) – for sure one of the most beautiful pieces of lingerie I’ve ever seen. And one of the coolest textures for me is the hairy – wether it’s sophisticated pony hair on a beautifully made Alexander Wang clutch (5) or the version of my childhood, a fuzzy polyester sweater (17).
But fuzzy sweaters are not the only thing from my childhood that made a comeback – crop tops and spaghetti straps solidified their place in fashion and I welcome them back with open arms.
Images via Fashiolista

Day of the Dead Rappers

I stumbled on this heartwarmingly nostalgic, 90s hip hop inspired knit wear collection by Cats Brothers on Style Bubble. It’s the result of a night out at a a Mexican bar called Crazy Homies, where knitwear designers Anna Wilkinson and Lindsay McKean came up with this amazing idea to do a mexican, day of the dead inspired collection celebrating dead rappers Tupac and Biggie.Crazy Homies InspirationHere’s a mood board inspiring this mexican themed extravaganza, which they ended up naming Crazy Homies
Crazy Homies Crazy Homies Crazy Homies Crazy Homies Crazy Homies

mood board: spring

We’re finally getting some love from the weather! This and the fact that my inspirations folder has gotten a lot fuller resulted in the need to share. The mood board is made from pictures I found on different tumblrs and blogs (fcknsweet, Jurgen Teller TumblrBecause I’m AddictedStudded Hearts) and it is influenced by the 90s, pastel colors and a little bit of danger, sex and “I don’t give a shit” I guess.

Oh, and can I just say how much I love pastel colored hair? I know, we’re seeing a lot of it online but not so much on the streets.. if I was blonde I’d do it in a heartbeat, but I’m not. So everyone who’s thinking about it please dye your hair and make my day!


“the girls of the MTV generation”

Those, their school uniforms, techno and television were Jonny Johansson’s inspiration for the pre-fall Acne collection. Masculine coats, odd materials and drop-waists – I’m intrigued. I’m loving the rubber and plastic (transparent boots, how cool is that?), collars and crop tops. It’s very 90’s inspired obviously, but the lines are cleaner which gives the collection sophistication – I guess this is the girl of the MTV generation but grown-up, which doesn’t mean she’s any less daring.

Images via Style.com