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Biggest Crush

It was love at first sight when I entered the Acne shop in Amsterdam today. Actually, I had already seen them online, but up close they are even more amazing: the Lila ankle boots. Lots of buckles, patent leather and a rubber sole. I’m in love. Now all I need is 540€..Acne LilaAcne LilaAcne Lila

White Hot

For me the item of the hour: The white sweater. Wether it’s clean cut, chunky knit, cropped or classic as seen on Ivania Carpio from Love Aesthetics – considering my budget I would go for the latter version from American Apparel. Maybe it’s because of the snow that has been constantly covering the streets of Amsterdam for the last couple of days, but white in winter is just such a beautiful combo.
Ivania CarpioWhite SweaterAcne via Farfetch, 3.1. Phillip Lim via La Garçonne, American Apparel pullover here


Favorite items of 2012

Favorite items 2012

It’s that time of the year, you start looking back at what has happened this year, in your own life, in the world, personal achievements and wether last year’s new year’s resolutions were put into practice or need to be on the list again for 2013. My 2012 was definitely life changing. I went from giving up my studies in Germany to getting in at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, moving, finding new friends etc.
Now I did a little fashion look-back with my favorite items of the year, including iconic pieces like the bulldog T-shirt from Givenchy (12), the Acne Platforms (2) or my recently acquired boots from the Asos White collection (16).
While in my opinion last year was all about the colors, this year was all about rich textures and mixing materials. Let’s start with smooth leather on Chloe Sevigny’s dress (1) for Opening Ceremony and the H&M peplum top (8), the peplum of course being a major trend this year. Very high up on my unrealistic wish list was the powdery velours biker jacket from Acne (6)  with the rose gold accents. Or what about glossy textures like the Juju Jellies (10) or patent leather as seen on H&M x Marni’s take on the Letterman jacket (3) or why not just a PVC crop top (15) that looks like it came from a sex shop? For a cuddly feeling, why not some velvet underwear (20) – for sure one of the most beautiful pieces of lingerie I’ve ever seen. And one of the coolest textures for me is the hairy – wether it’s sophisticated pony hair on a beautifully made Alexander Wang clutch (5) or the version of my childhood, a fuzzy polyester sweater (17).
But fuzzy sweaters are not the only thing from my childhood that made a comeback – crop tops and spaghetti straps solidified their place in fashion and I welcome them back with open arms.
Images via Fashiolista

latest loves

These are my current fashion favorites. As you can see right now I’m a lot into black and white, nudes and a pop of neon. I can check the torn jeans and pleated leather skirt off the list. The H&M neon sandals are on the top of my list but the black shopper with the tassels from Acne will remain an unattainable dream.

Taken from my list on Fashiolista


Ripped jeans. They come and they go and right now, probably thanks to the advertising by Columbine wearing this season’s Acne ripped denim, they’re definitely back.

The thing is (and this is no new thought) – why would anybody spend money on torn jeans? I am very much into the distressed look and it is the easiest thing to do yourself. Or at least that’s what I had heard. So, I tried it.

This is what you will need: A denim garment of your choice, a pair of scissors and a paper clip or needle.

What you need to do is cut out parallel slits. The space in between the slits will determine the size of the torn section.
Using your clip you can start undoing the grid of the fabric by pulling the white horizontal threads.
Then, you will remove the darker vertical threads and ta-da!

It’s so easy I did the same thing to a pair of shorts..

if only I could have

This is my wish list for this season. Not like it’s ever going to happen, but a girl can dream.

Images via Net-a-Porter, Romwe, H&M, Dannijo

current favorites

This is what my list on fashiolista looks like these days. What a romantic color palette, very dreamy, yet the silhouettes are sharp and I’m very much into structural pieces. Isn’t the apricot suede jacket from Acne divine?

“the girls of the MTV generation”

Those, their school uniforms, techno and television were Jonny Johansson’s inspiration for the pre-fall Acne collection. Masculine coats, odd materials and drop-waists – I’m intrigued. I’m loving the rubber and plastic (transparent boots, how cool is that?), collars and crop tops. It’s very 90’s inspired obviously, but the lines are cleaner which gives the collection sophistication – I guess this is the girl of the MTV generation but grown-up, which doesn’t mean she’s any less daring.

Images via Style.com

longing for spring

One of my favorite spring collections was by Phillip Lim, I found the color palette to be absolutely gorgeous. The milkshake colors (many call them sorbet, which just isn’t the adequate term in my opinion) also appeared in several other collections, e.g. Acne, Louis Vuitton, Mulberry.

I love that lilac and mint are coming back and light blue goes with pretty much anything. Can’t wait to add a few soft hues to my closet.

3.1 Phillip Lim S/S Jill Stuart S/S 12 Campaign

images via Net-a-Porter, Weekday, Barneys NY

If only I could have..

all Acne shoes in the world!

These are from the S/S 2012 collection. How amazing are the new Alice Silk pumps in different shades of blue? I could have them if I worked 45 hours.. I also really like the Audrey Silk pumps in fuchsia, but the other ones are sort of timeless. Shop them here.