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Sightseeing in Prague

This weekend I’m in Prague and since the weather was incredibly nice I went for some sightseeing with my favorite photographer yesterday. What I’m wearing: T-Shirt from Asos, scuba skirt from H&M trend, sunnies from Zipper with a Monki chain and my new lipstick of choice from Inglot (no. 420). Also, I have another beauty favorite that I need to talk about. The Kiehl’s BB cream. Super smooth and perfect for someone who doesn’t like to wear makeup.

Me in PragueMe in PragueMe in PragueMe in PragueMe in Prague

Photos by Hendrik Jung


My pick

People who know me know that I’m mildly obsessed with Asos. Not that they have better clothes than other places, but there’s something so easy about clicking the purchase button. When the parcel arrives the memory of payment is long gone and I feel like I am receiving a present. And then I get to unpack. Here are some of the items on my watch list (I often just watch items for weeks waiting for the inevitable tick tock shop or sunday sale). I am about 85% sure that I will buy the vagabond chelsea boots.. just need that final push (aka more cash).ASOS favorites

New in

New In New InGot something new from Asos.. again. I know it’s like super boring of me to always buy stuff from the same place but how could I resist this top? It’s cropped, white and transparent! All the things I like. Plus I got 20% off.. It’s really not my fault.

Oh, and I’m sorry for the amateur pics, I hate uploading selfies but I don’t have any photographer around at the moment so this will have to do.

Today’s Details


As always I was excited to receive a parcel from ASOS yesterday. This time it contained a set of 10 different sized rings that you can just stack your hands with. Paired with matte white nail polish I’d say it looks pretty good.


New in.. Warrior Boots

Bring it on, winter, I’m ready for you! Got these babies for my birthday – four family members helped me finance them and now they’re here: My super heavy biker boots from Asos White

new in

I got my favorite kind of mail today: A big box from ASOS. Once in a while I order a bunch of stuff just to try things on. This time there was more than one keeper. For one, this set of three rings: And these high top sneakers:


I just discovered ASOS market place and I really like it! Go on a treasure hunt and buy clothes from indie labels, multi-brand boutiques, vintage sellers or other ASOS users. Don’t expect flea market prices but definitely unique garments and accessories. I didn’t have to browse for very long to find great pieces and couldn’t resist when I found this amazing bracelet..

Here are some of my favorite finds on the market place:

Fringes and Flowers, 46€Studded Bracelet, 20€Chain handbag, 30€Denim shirt, 54€

summer’s favorite shoes

Every year I have trouble finding sandals and I end up buying 3 pairs of 3€ espadrilles that I can throw away after one season instead of settling for sandals I’m not that much into. This year is different. Sandals are minimalistic, sportswear inspired, futuristic-looking and I adore them. Now the only issue is choosing..

new in

The other day ASOS had a shoe sale and I couldn’t resist. I also ordered a bunch of other stuff just to try on, but these are the keepers: a white crop top, neon bralette and wonderful brogues with contrasting soles for 26€.

girls in suits


I need a suit. Found this one at ASOS, it’s been on my wish list for months, I should just go for it and buy it already..

Images via Studded Hearts and Asos