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Azealia to a T

Sorry for being so MIA lately but I needed some real vacation with no distractions. But anyway.

Here’s the new fall campaign video for T by Alexander Wang starring Azealia Banks. Very cool example of combining music and fashion. The track featured in the clip (Van Vogue) can be found on her new EP 1991. So glad there’s a new strong female hip hop artist out there, when I was younger I adored Missy Elliott and I feel like Azealia brings a similar but new style to the table.

“Banks is her own woman, as she proved with this year’s 1991 EP, an überchic dance party that’s bursting with side-splitting snark”, Rolling Stone Magazine

Liquorice Bitch

Here’s the new music video for Azealia Banks’ Liquorice. Click on the image to watch it.
I really like her style but I think she should lay off the stars and stripes, since we’ve seen enough of that this year (Lana is already covering that, so..)
Fresh, catchy track, you should check it out.

bad ass

Cute exterior and a bad ass attitude are a great combination for success.

At the Topshop Unique A/W 2012 show Azealia Banks sat in the front row and watched the models walk down the runway to her song 212.

I’m so excited about her project with Lana del Rey, can’t wait to hear what those two will create.

Images via i-D online