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#DidYouHear about Charlotte

Pretty cool that Maybelline chose a girl with hairy arm pits as their new face.. wonder if she’ll have to shave. This pink haired pretty face is a great choice, I’m intrigued. How do I know? Watch..


Time for happy colors! I had a fantastic time in portugal and the colorful style there inspired this post. Sorry for bad blogging but it was great to have some time for myself and just enjoy being around family and friends and well, the sun for a change.

All colors in one and a little bit of I don’t care.. 

Beautiful Rebels

Check out Edun’s spring 2012 campaign created by artist Ryan McGinley starring among others Lana del Rey’s co-star in the video for Born to Die Bradley Soileau and Hipster #1 Charlotte Free. Those butterflies look amazing, but in real life they’re like bugs with prettier wings so I’d be freaked out if I had to have a bunch of them sitting on my face or coming out of my pants.

This video is so vibrant and alive though, very beautiful.

Read more here.

Speaking of butterflies, how do you like this butterfly print shirt? It has been on my ASOS wish list for a few weeks now.. Not too girly?