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Busy me

Wow, so I realized that I haven’t posted a single thing on here since January. That’s not ok. But in my defense, I have been really busy at Amfi, learning how to design, construct and finish a garment. Still can’t believe I actually did it considering the sewing machine was a stranger to me until recently. If you’re interested to see it, check out this video – my design is worn by the third girl on the “runway”, aka our design class room.

After finishing this project, I had the so called midterm assessment, which I passed, allowing me to stay at the school.

1. semester: check.

Then, I couldn’t resist going back to Cologne to celebrate carnival. Here’s a photo of possibly my most successful costume to date:


madness part 1

November 11th is quite the important date here in Cologne, since it’s the start of the fifth season – carnival. It being the 11/11/11, this year is extra special.

I’m no huge fan of the traditional no-brainer-beerfest, but I don’t ever pass up a chance to dress up.

So, what to wear? Since this is only part one of the carnival madness, there’s no need to go overboard with the costume, something last-minute will do. There’s still plenty of time to get your costume for round two in february.

I’ll be pairing up with my dear friend – let’s just say we wanted to go as men – more is yet to come, I’ll try and upload something tomorrow.

Here’s some fashiony inspiration.. Still, I think one shouldn’t be afraid to go ugly.

images via ilovewildfox.com and Ben Trovato