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Busy me

Wow, so I realized that I haven’t posted a single thing on here since January. That’s not ok. But in my defense, I have been really busy at Amfi, learning how to design, construct and finish a garment. Still can’t believe I actually did it considering the sewing machine was a stranger to me until recently. If you’re interested to see it, check out this video – my design is worn by the third girl on the “runway”, aka our design class room.

After finishing this project, I had the so called midterm assessment, which I passed, allowing me to stay at the school.

1. semester: check.

Then, I couldn’t resist going back to Cologne to celebrate carnival. Here’s a photo of possibly my most successful costume to date:


Day of the Dead Rappers

I stumbled on this heartwarmingly nostalgic, 90s hip hop inspired knit wear collection by Cats Brothers on Style Bubble. It’s the result of a night out at a a Mexican bar called Crazy Homies, where knitwear designers Anna Wilkinson and Lindsay McKean came up with this amazing idea to do a mexican, day of the dead inspired collection celebrating dead rappers Tupac and Biggie.Crazy Homies InspirationHere’s a mood board inspiring this mexican themed extravaganza, which they ended up naming Crazy Homies
Crazy Homies Crazy Homies Crazy Homies Crazy Homies Crazy Homies