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Ripped to Shreds

Marques Almeida SS13

Ever since their launch in 2011, I have followed the portuguese design duo Marques Almeida. Marta Marques and Paulo Almeida only graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2011 and have already been able to make a name for themselves with their grungy style and distressed denim. Their motto: “fashion is about attitude, not hemlines”. I personally adore them. And it also makes me kind of proud that they’re portuguese.Marques Almeida SS13Marques Almeida SS13

Images via Marques Almeida‘s FB page

Throwback to 1980

Brooke Shields for Calvin KleinJust stumbled upon this Calvin Klein ad campaign from the 1980s starring 15-year old Brooke Shields. The whole thing was shot and directed by Richard Avedon. Funny to compare this to ads nowadays. This is so simple and cute and awkward.

DIY: dipped in bleach

Dries van Noten S/S 2011

Something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now is to bleach a pair of jeans in order to achieve an ombre look. I used DanKlorix as bleach – no need to mix it with water, since there is not much chlorine in it, so it can’t damage the fabric – and left the jeans hanging in it for about one hour in order to really get all the color out. And since it was so easy I did the same to a pair of shorts while I was at it.


I’m so excited to collaborate with Fashiolista and Replay. Today I got mail from Milan and inside was the new Laserblast jeans, a jeans that is finished using a laser technology in order to save a lot of water, to be precise 85% less than a normal finishing process, which usually uses around 42 liters per pair. Plus they are super comfortable.
..And who doesn’t like a free pair of jeans?
Thank you goes to Fashiolista for choosing me and to Replay for the wonderful jeans.


I remember seeing this ad in nylon (august ’11):

How brilliant. Color-coated jeans – apparently they look and feel like leather. But they’re washable and PETA would approve.

After unsuccessfully searching the internet for someone who sells them, I gave up on this genius garment.. Until now: Zara sells them for a fraction of what the Habitual jeans cost. And this is what they look like:

Now I only have to choose a color.. I think I’m gonna go with burgundy.

images from tumblr.com and zara.com