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Today was the first day of my fashion, branding and communications internship at Fashiolista. I work in a beautiful office right in the centre of Amsterdam and I get to communicate with users through e-mails and social media. I’ll be posting some stuff on their Instagram, so follow @fashiolista_com for some updates. Even though uni is quite stressful at the moment, I am so happy to have something else besides school. Oh, and we have the cutest office dog ever.FotoFoto

Latest Loves #4

In my list of current fashion favorites you can find a purse by Reed Krakoff who just recently won the CFDA award for best accessories, which he deserved.
I absolutely love the knot detail of the skirt, as seen in the new Theysken’s Theory resort collection.
As you can see I’m still very much into the whole idea of sporty chic as well as a sophisticated and fresh color palette.


latest loves

These are my current fashion favorites. As you can see right now I’m a lot into black and white, nudes and a pop of neon. I can check the torn jeans and pleated leather skirt off the list. The H&M neon sandals are on the top of my list but the black shopper with the tassels from Acne will remain an unattainable dream.

Taken from my list on Fashiolista

I won!

The coolest thing happened today: I got an e-mail informing me that I won a leather jacket from I Don’t Like Mondays. I had entered a contest on fashiolista a couple of weeks ago and they chose me! I’ve never won anything in my life!! Plus, I really need a leather jacket and I’m in no financial situation to buy one so this is too perfect.
This is it (jeez, almost 500 bucks!). Isn’t it preeeetty?


I’m so excited to collaborate with Fashiolista and Replay. Today I got mail from Milan and inside was the new Laserblast jeans, a jeans that is finished using a laser technology in order to save a lot of water, to be precise 85% less than a normal finishing process, which usually uses around 42 liters per pair. Plus they are super comfortable.
..And who doesn’t like a free pair of jeans?
Thank you goes to Fashiolista for choosing me and to Replay for the wonderful jeans.

current favorites

This is what my list on fashiolista looks like these days. What a romantic color palette, very dreamy, yet the silhouettes are sharp and I’m very much into structural pieces. Isn’t the apricot suede jacket from Acne divine?

Latest loves

Today I’d like to promote this really cool website called fashiolista. Basically, you get the “love-button” to love items you find online or on fashiolista to create your personal list. You don’t need to get an account, you can log in with your Facebook and you can follow other people and check out their style. Many well-known fashion bloggers such as Andy Torres from Style Scrapbook or  Chiara Ferragni from the Blonde Salad use it. I really enjoy using fashiolista to keep track of everything I like.

This is part of my list: