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Picks of the Day

This is an outfit that’s currently on my wish list (‘wish’ being the operative word here). While that amazing Givenchy bag is more of a distant dream, the Diesel tee is in reach.. maybe I’ll give myself a late birthday present?picks of the week

Coolness Crew

In case anyone hasn’t noticed yet: Zara is kicking ass these days. Showcasing my favorite non-colorful color combo of black and navy and a juxtaposition of sexy slip dresses with bulky coats (honestly can’t think of a better example of ‘opposites attract’), they are nailing it. Want. Now.

Zara FWUm, can I please join your gang?


Wildfox in the Sun

And the search for the ultimate pair of sunglasses continues. I am a sunglasses hoarder. Seriously, it’s become a problem. Whenever I see cute, cheap sunnies I can not resist which has resulted in a collection of now about 13 pairs, most of which I don’t actually wear, but I always think I might someday.. But I know it’s really bad for my eyes to always wear crappy made-in-china sunglasses, so I have decided to invest in a better, more high quality model. I have a huge crush on the Wildfox sunglasses. They’re original and quirky and big (I have quite a large visage, so..) but it’s so hard to choose #luxuryproblems – do I go for a round and transparent frame? Black cat-eye or mirrored lenses? They are all beautiful!


Images via Wildfox Sun

NSMBL super sale


I am selling a bunch of my clothes at the NSMBL super sale at Bar Italia tomorrow alongside other bloggers and stylists. Come on over, I promise it’s worth it!

Lacanau Océan

Long time no see! This was the longest hiatus in Røra Blog history, but I am determined to get back to more regular posting habits.

So without further ado, here are some pictures from my vacation to Lacanau Océan in the south of France. What a beautiful place that was. And being with the boyfriend always has the advantage that I will have nice pictures of myself (among of course many other advantages). Clothes-wise, these pictures feature a graphic bra from H&M, an old t-shirt that I cut up, my beloved leather jacket from I Don’t Like Mondays as well as a denim circle skirt from Asos.

LacanauLacanauLacanau Lacanau LacanauLacanauLacanauPhotos by Hendrik Jung® and some taken from my Instagram

hell yessss!

Absolutely impeccable styling in this über-cool lookbook from the Maryam Nassir Zadeh online shop. Wish I could have every single piece. LOVE IT.

images via mnzstore.com

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