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The jacket (yet again)

I know you’ve seen it already and I can’t shut up about it, but I just wanted to share this photo which didn’t make the cut for my last outfit post, but it really shows off the details and quality of this fabulous garment and it is simply a nice photograph. So here goes, courtesy of Hendrik Jung:

new in

It’s finally here! The jacket I won from I Don’t Like Mondays a few weeks ago finally arrived.. at the customs office. I went there this morning and had to learn that there really is no such thing as a free lunch. Apparently, even a prize has its price. Still. I got an amazing leather jacket for 17,5% of its actual price, so I can’t really complaint. I’ll post a photo of me in it as soon as I can.

Another recent addition to my closet is this wonderful clutch from Muji. Technically, it’s a pencil case, but where is the fun in that? I’m in need of a new wallet, mine is slowly falling apart. Inside the purse: Glasses from ASOS, L’Oréal 4D Mascara, Vaseline, wallet from the flea market.