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White Hot

For me the item of the hour: The white sweater. Wether it’s clean cut, chunky knit, cropped or classic as seen on Ivania Carpio from Love Aesthetics – considering my budget I would go for the latter version from American Apparel. Maybe it’s because of the snow that has been constantly covering the streets of Amsterdam for the last couple of days, but white in winter is just such a beautiful combo.
Ivania CarpioWhite SweaterAcne via Farfetch, 3.1. Phillip Lim via La Garçonne, American Apparel pullover here


blast from the past

I used to love these as a kid: jelly sandals.
At first I didn’t really know what to think when two of my currently most important style influences were wearing them (Ivania from Love Aesthetics paired them with ankle cuffs and the girls from Helen Glory wear their Juju’s with socks), but then I figured why not.. I love transparent things, rubber is such a cool material, as I recall they’re really cheap and you can wear them on the beach. I’m going to give them a try even though I’m pretty sure they will polarize. What do you guys think?

look.. Love Aesthetics

I would like to introduce you to a genius blogger called Ivania Carpio from Utrecht. I mentioned her in a post before, since she regularly comes up with brilliant ideas for DIYs. Her personal style feels very now, 90s inspired with a futuristic edge, yet it is totally unique and always consistent with her personal aesthetic. I am a little obsessed with her lavender hair. Anyway, see for yourself, I think she’s pretty damn great: love-aesthetics.blogspot.com.


productive procrastination/DIY plans

I’m a procrastinator. Because I haven’t found a solution to that problem, I try to at least be more productive when I procrastinate. Instead of just blindly scrolling through my Facebook news feed, I try cleaning, baking (these for example) or drawing. I’m now planning on going to an arts and crafts supply store and a hardware store for a few DIY projects..

This collar is genius. It’s made with broken pieces of a CD and it looks really easy. 

You can find many tutorials on these dip dyed shorts. definitely something I want to wear this summer.

I couldn’t believe it when I found these beautiful transparent cuffs on Love Aesthetics (brilliant blog, you should check it out) – They’re DIY! And this is what you need:

Apparently they’re not even that hard to make you basically heat up the perspex pieces in your oven and then bend them. They look amazing.

I’m going to have exams the next couple of weeks, I hope I don’t get a really bad case of procrastination, but if I do at least I’ll make something pretty.