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Wishful Thinking

If only I could win the lottery – in this case 2164 € would suffice – I could give into the craving I feel when I see these pieces. The perfect outfit for fall consists of marble print, navy and patent leather as well as thick soled boots and a baker cap.Wishful Thinking

My pick

People who know me know that I’m mildly obsessed with Asos. Not that they have better clothes than other places, but there’s something so easy about clicking the purchase button. When the parcel arrives the memory of payment is long gone and I feel like I am receiving a present. And then I get to unpack. Here are some of the items on my watch list (I often just watch items for weeks waiting for the inevitable tick tock shop or sunday sale). I am about 85% sure that I will buy the vagabond chelsea boots.. just need that final push (aka more cash).ASOS favorites

Favorite items of 2012

Favorite items 2012

It’s that time of the year, you start looking back at what has happened this year, in your own life, in the world, personal achievements and wether last year’s new year’s resolutions were put into practice or need to be on the list again for 2013. My 2012 was definitely life changing. I went from giving up my studies in Germany to getting in at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, moving, finding new friends etc.
Now I did a little fashion look-back with my favorite items of the year, including iconic pieces like the bulldog T-shirt from Givenchy (12), the Acne Platforms (2) or my recently acquired boots from the Asos White collection (16).
While in my opinion last year was all about the colors, this year was all about rich textures and mixing materials. Let’s start with smooth leather on Chloe Sevigny’s dress (1) for Opening Ceremony and the H&M peplum top (8), the peplum of course being a major trend this year. Very high up on my unrealistic wish list was the powdery velours biker jacket from Acne (6)  with the rose gold accents. Or what about glossy textures like the Juju Jellies (10) or patent leather as seen on H&M x Marni’s take on the Letterman jacket (3) or why not just a PVC crop top (15) that looks like it came from a sex shop? For a cuddly feeling, why not some velvet underwear (20) – for sure one of the most beautiful pieces of lingerie I’ve ever seen. And one of the coolest textures for me is the hairy – wether it’s sophisticated pony hair on a beautifully made Alexander Wang clutch (5) or the version of my childhood, a fuzzy polyester sweater (17).
But fuzzy sweaters are not the only thing from my childhood that made a comeback – crop tops and spaghetti straps solidified their place in fashion and I welcome them back with open arms.
Images via Fashiolista