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new in

I found the most perfect little blouse in Antwerp. Spring has taken a break these days but as soon as it’s back I look forward to wearing my latest acquisition. I got it at New Look for 30€.


#7 – Laserblast

I spent a long weekend in Antwerp, the beautiful city in Belgium. Shopping here is great, unfortunately I didn’t have a lot of time, but I will come back, because there is still so much more to see.
I got the sunglasses and sweater here at Urban Outfitters, the clutch is from Zara, boots from Dinsko and finally the Replay Laserblast jeans in action.

mood board: spring

We’re finally getting some love from the weather! This and the fact that my inspirations folder has gotten a lot fuller resulted in the need to share. The mood board is made from pictures I found on different tumblrs and blogs (fcknsweet, Jurgen Teller TumblrBecause I’m AddictedStudded Hearts) and it is influenced by the 90s, pastel colors and a little bit of danger, sex and “I don’t give a shit” I guess.

Oh, and can I just say how much I love pastel colored hair? I know, we’re seeing a lot of it online but not so much on the streets.. if I was blonde I’d do it in a heartbeat, but I’m not. So everyone who’s thinking about it please dye your hair and make my day!


Beautiful Rebels

Check out Edun’s spring 2012 campaign created by artist Ryan McGinley starring among others Lana del Rey’s co-star in the video for Born to Die Bradley Soileau and Hipster #1 Charlotte Free. Those butterflies look amazing, but in real life they’re like bugs with prettier wings so I’d be freaked out if I had to have a bunch of them sitting on my face or coming out of my pants.

This video is so vibrant and alive though, very beautiful.

Read more here.

Speaking of butterflies, how do you like this butterfly print shirt? It has been on my ASOS wish list for a few weeks now.. Not too girly?

virtual shopping cart

These are the items on my ASOS wish list. Obviously, I’m into bright and shiny.


a whole new level

..for H&M!

Not very long ago I was part of the people who don’t buy things from H&M, claiming that things looked cheap or whenever they had something nice, everyone would be wearing it within a week.

At least since the conscious collection came out last summer, I’ve absolutely changed my mind about the swedish retail giant.

The spring 2012 collection proves H&M is more than just clothing-IKEA.

I find the asian influences very intriguing and the color palette is beautiful. My favorite piece is the white biker vest – and all the accessories and shoes!

Watch the runway video and let me know what you think.

Weekday: “Waiting for something new”

The new line “Collection” from Weekday. I like how clean and simple it looks. My personal favorite is the white hairy sweater.

images via Les Mads

givenchy ready-to-wear spring ’12

Definitely one of my favorite spring collections.

The color palette is soft and gorgeous, the looks mostly focus on one color at a time, which lets us concentrate on the exquisite variety of materials and their structure, detail and quality: There’s shiny, glittery, matte, silky, glossy and sheer.

Cleavage is absent in many spring collections and Givenchy is no exception – I must say, I’m loving all the button ups, leaves more to imagination.

The tailoring in this collection is amazing, everything looks sophisticated and sharp, yet light and easy. And those details! The gigantic shark tooth necklace, the little chains and the simplicity of the shoes. Love it!

images via style.com

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