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What’s next?


There has been a lot of talk about the circus going on outside the fashion shows at fashion week. Suzy Menkes from T Magazine wrote a critical article about the peacocking attention seekers, the instagramming insiders, the photographing bloggers etc. (if you haven’t read Leandra Medine’s rebuttal to the article, read it now).
Since, I’ve never actually witnessed this chaos, I thought it was very interesting to see this documentary feature called “Take My Picture” by Garage magazine. It is nuts how many photographers hang out outside of the fashion shows. Tim Blanks, reporter for Style.com, talks about how everyone these days tries to take part in the circus that is fashion and rightly asks what’s next? I’m curious to see..

givenchy ready-to-wear spring ’12

Definitely one of my favorite spring collections.

The color palette is soft and gorgeous, the looks mostly focus on one color at a time, which lets us concentrate on the exquisite variety of materials and their structure, detail and quality: There’s shiny, glittery, matte, silky, glossy and sheer.

Cleavage is absent in many spring collections and Givenchy is no exception – I must say, I’m loving all the button ups, leaves more to imagination.

The tailoring in this collection is amazing, everything looks sophisticated and sharp, yet light and easy. And those details! The gigantic shark tooth necklace, the little chains and the simplicity of the shoes. Love it!

images via style.com

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