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Picks of the Day

This is an outfit that’s currently on my wish list (‘wish’ being the operative word here). While that amazing Givenchy bag is more of a distant dream, the Diesel tee is in reach.. maybe I’ll give myself a late birthday present?picks of the week

Wildfox in the Sun

And the search for the ultimate pair of sunglasses continues. I am a sunglasses hoarder. Seriously, it’s become a problem. Whenever I see cute, cheap sunnies I can not resist which has resulted in a collection of now about 13 pairs, most of which I don’t actually wear, but I always think I might someday.. But I know it’s really bad for my eyes to always wear crappy made-in-china sunglasses, so I have decided to invest in a better, more high quality model. I have a huge crush on the Wildfox sunglasses. They’re original and quirky and big (I have quite a large visage, so..) but it’s so hard to choose #luxuryproblems – do I go for a round and transparent frame? Black cat-eye or mirrored lenses? They are all beautiful!


Images via Wildfox Sun

#7 – Laserblast

I spent a long weekend in Antwerp, the beautiful city in Belgium. Shopping here is great, unfortunately I didn’t have a lot of time, but I will come back, because there is still so much more to see.
I got the sunglasses and sweater here at Urban Outfitters, the clutch is from Zara, boots from Dinsko and finally the Replay Laserblast jeans in action.