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Lacanau Océan

Long time no see! This was the longest hiatus in Røra Blog history, but I am determined to get back to more regular posting habits.

So without further ado, here are some pictures from my vacation to Lacanau Océan in the south of France. What a beautiful place that was. And being with the boyfriend always has the advantage that I will have nice pictures of myself (among of course many other advantages). Clothes-wise, these pictures feature a graphic bra from H&M, an old t-shirt that I cut up, my beloved leather jacket from I Don’t Like Mondays as well as a denim circle skirt from Asos.

LacanauLacanauLacanau Lacanau LacanauLacanauLacanauPhotos by Hendrik Jung® and some taken from my Instagram


Tomorrow I am off to Lisbon for the weekend and then I have a week of Algarve ahead. Can’t wait to feel the sun and ocean breeze on my skin, sounds so corny but it’s just what the doctor ordered. Literally.
Here you can see about half of what I packed for the ten days. 32°c is what awaits me, which is why I packed so many pairs of shorts. There’s no such thing as too many shorts, right?

summer picks

Since summer finally arrived I can’t stop thinking about my upcoming trip to Portugal (okay, it’s only in two months but I can not wait!). I’ve made a list of my summer necessities..

Something white. A white, slightly sheer blouse does everything. I always try to travel with hand luggage only so choosing versatile pieces is key.

Something short. Needless to say anything. It’s a necessity.

Something bold. I tend to under-accessorize during summer, but one statement piece really makes a difference. Found this amazing plexi cuff here.

Something waterproof. Again – versatility. Plus a sense of humor and nostalgia. Get them here.

Something tropical. And revealing. Via Miss Selfridge.Something cool. And protective. These are perfection in my opinion. Via Gargyle.