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Coolness Crew

In case anyone hasn’t noticed yet: Zara is kicking ass these days. Showcasing my favorite non-colorful color combo of black and navy and a juxtaposition of sexy slip dresses with bulky coats (honestly can’t think of a better example of ‘opposites attract’), they are nailing it. Want. Now.

Zara FWUm, can I please join your gang?


New in: Dream Boots

I got them! My dream boots! Just chunky enough, soft leather and perfect heel height. They are from Zara so I worry about the quality, since I know I will be wearing them a lot. Aren’t they divine though?Zara boots

Wishful Thinking

If only I could win the lottery – in this case 2164 € would suffice – I could give into the craving I feel when I see these pieces. The perfect outfit for fall consists of marble print, navy and patent leather as well as thick soled boots and a baker cap.Wishful Thinking

High Street, High Fashion

The most impressive high street store for me so far this year has been Zara without a doubt. Zara has not failed to impress me with their very polished yet edgy looks and has consistently delivered great collections. The latest lookbook features some very interesting pieces that I must get my hands on, like the beaded blouse or the leather skirt. The mix of fabrics and textures is so well done, the styling is impeccable. Also, the level of sophistication is very high yet everything looks really comfortable. Go here to see more.

New in: Heels

Yesterday I did something I only do once every two years. I bought high heeled shoes. I went to check out the sales at Zara and there they were, the chelsea boots I had already admired online: tan leather, timeless, the very last pair, on sale AND my size. The universe must have led me to them because that never happens (last pairs are always either a 37 or a 41, never a 39). Long story short, I couldn’t resist.
Now I just have to get myself to wear heels more often, I’m usually way to lazy for that but now I have a reason. Here it is:


summer’s favorite shoes

Every year I have trouble finding sandals and I end up buying 3 pairs of 3€ espadrilles that I can throw away after one season instead of settling for sandals I’m not that much into. This year is different. Sandals are minimalistic, sportswear inspired, futuristic-looking and I adore them. Now the only issue is choosing..

Black vs. White

A classic. But why choose when black and white look so good together? My favorite pieces in the sexiest non-colors for this summer..

New in: Zara glitter clutch

I’ve been looking for an evening purse and today at Zara I see this wonderful clutch. I’d only ever seen it online until now – and today it was on sale! Now it’s mine.

not only for jocks

Last year we saw a lot of street style photos with girls in their track pants and pointy heels (my personal favorite: the devine Columbine, Elin Klings friend and coworker here – she can really pull off this look). Now we’re seeing very sporty pieces on the runway – especially Isabel Marant and Alexander Wang incorporated the athletic chic in their spring ’12 collections.

I’m all for comfortable, but you won’t see me wearing a track suit any time soon. I’m just not athletic. And clothes won’t make me work out more, or will they?

Here are some pieces that are sporty, chic and comfortable. Yes please!

Sweaters from La Garçonne, bras from Barney’s NY, shorts and GZ sneakers from Net-a-Porter

Images via style.com


My new American Apparel Skirt in action. I combined it with a chunky knit sweater from 3suisses (find it here), Weekday coat, H&M circle scarf, BikBok headband, Zara purse and finally a necklace from fashionology.