So the other day I watched an episode of the Daily Show and Seth Rogen was the guest. Personally, I love Rogen’s sense of humor, I loved Superbad and despite Katherine Heigl, I still enjoyed Knocked Up. So when he talked about his new movie, a comedy about cancer (?!), I was very intrigued.

50/50 were the chances of Will Reiser (Rogen’s friend and writer of the movie) surviving cancer. Unlike Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman in the Bucket List, who “did a bunch of fun stuff and then died”, their experience was very different. Since Reiser, who is played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, kept working and going out and dating, nothing really changed for him.  In the Daily Show Rogen says, there wasn’t a movie that felt like what he went through with one of his best friends, so he wanted to make one.

Check out the trailer. I’m excited for this to come out in Germany.

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