to the future


I used to try to imagine what people would wear in the future. I pictured long capes, huge shoulder pads, tall boots, visors and rubber leggings (I guess I thought the 80s would still be wearable in the future).

I found this editorial Dani by Chris Nicholls for Flare (January 2012) and I thought to myself: We must be in the future.

Sure my prediction was not very accurate. But here we have a dress covered in giant sequins that look like fish scales paired with a hairy necklace, an all-over metallic look with super chunky wedges, a checkered fake fur jacket and a sequined dress with silicone applications and finally glittery shoes with a crazy pattern leggings combined with a furry skirt and a python jacket.

Brilliant styling!

If this is the future, I’m in.

Images via Tobacco & Leather