One of my big weaknesses is for TV shows. I watch a lot of them. I recently made a discovery of something absolutely brilliant. It’s a relatively new HBO show called Girls. It is centered around four twenty-something girls living their lives in New York. They are in this in-between time of their lives, having finished college but not having found themselves just yet.
It will make you think of Sex and the City because of all the sex and women issues but these girls are younger, therefore way more disoriented and they are very real. I know people who are like them and I can see myself in every one of the four characters.
There’s Hannah, the quirky, insecure and very intelligent aspiring writer (the actress playing Hannah, Lena Dunham, is actually the creator of the show). Marni, a beautiful, egocentric girl who doesn’t like to lose control. Jessa, the british hipster with no inhibitions and absolutely clueless about her future – I guess she’d like to do something artistic. Shoshanna knows all about Sex and the City, but still hasn’t had sex. She describes herself like this: “a carrie at heart, but sometimes Samantha comes out and at school I try to put on my Miranda hat”.

Intelligent, realistic comedy. A must! Watch here.