Spring Breakers: Shit made stylish


Spring Breakers

I haven’t been to the cinema in ages and today I went and saw the hype film of the year, Spring Breakers. The first five minutes I thought, yes, this will be awesome – got all excited with the slow mo ass shaking and dub step, I guess I’m impressionable like that. And then things got weird. And weirder.

Spring Breakers

Sure, it was sexy and provocative, disney chicks gone bad and all, but this didn’t go beyond that for me. Between all the tacky lines (“Spring break forever…” barf) and the great acting of  James Franco, I didn’t know whether to hate or love what I’m seeing. And after all those months of build up and hype with the magazine covers and the pink balaclavas at urban outfitters and just a shitload of promotion, I guess I am just underwhelmed.

Why did I expect this film to be deep on some level? Actually, I know exactly why. It’s my unwavering love for James Franco. I figured if he’s in it, there has got to be an intellectual aspect to it, a deeper meaning – and I kept looking and looking for it. And now I feel like it’s just a big fat mockery of “generation YOLO” – personally though, I don’t think that is enough substance. But who knows. Maybe this film doesn’t want to be meaningful in any sort of way and the whole point is just to make something that’s visually and sonically stimulating.

I am a sucker for stylish shit. But I am also a movie lover and this film was nothing more than shit made stylish.