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Straight from my “Interiors / Decor” inspiration folder, here are some of my favorite interiors. While I have no money for nice furniture, I think I’d like to invest in some plants. Now, I know nothing about plants and I have very little sunlight in my room, so I might start a cactus collection or something like that. If you have some plant tips for someone who is lazy and has little sunlight and patience, let me know. Favorite InteriorsFavorite Interiors Favorite Interiors Favorite Interiors Favorite Interiors Favorite Interiors Favorite InteriorsFavorite Interiors Favorite Interiors Favorite Interiors

Throwback to 1980

Brooke Shields for Calvin KleinJust stumbled upon this Calvin Klein ad campaign from the 1980s starring 15-year old Brooke Shields. The whole thing was shot and directed by Richard Avedon. Funny to compare this to ads nowadays. This is so simple and cute and awkward.


The other day my boyfriend found this notebook called Fashionary, and flicking through it he knew I needed it and it would come in handy. When he showed it to me, I knew he was right and immediately purchased it.
It’s like a designer’s diary, packed with information about different types of clothing, a list of brands, a calendar and many other interesting features. Most of it though is for sketching designs so last tonight I decided to get my copic markers, and being freshly inspired by the Céline pre-fall 2013 collection, I started sketching away and this is what I ended up with..FashionaryFashionaryFashionary


I am SO excited for the new season of Girls, premiering on January 13th. In case you haven’t heard of the show yet, first of all who are you and second of all, start watching!

Ode à la Vie

One of the most impressive and magical buildings I have ever been to was the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. I was lucky enough to go in the fall of 2009 and 2010 and it was really interesting to see the progress that had been made in a year. The atmosphere inside the cathedral is so special and this project by Moment Factory really captured that and then projected it onto the façade, bringing Gaudi’s vision to life. A must-see!

Found at Frame


Gooood lookin’ couple staying in the white house. In case you haven’t yet, watch the President’s victory speech.

reading, writing, sharing

A big part of blogging for me consists of reading other blogs for style inspiration or general fashion news. So in order to include you a little bit in my working process, here’s a list of my top 5 most influential blogs that I check on a daily basis, in alphabetical order.

Because I’m Addicted
Geri Hirsch writes this blog and she always has the freshest news and latest editorials. With a constantly changing industry it’s important to keep up. Since Geri doesn’t post pictures of herself this blog has the feel of an online magazine.

Perhaps my greatest style influence, this gorgeous Swede never fails to impress with her amazing taste. I guess it helps to be best friends with Elin Kling..

Love Aesthetics
Pastel colored hair, minimalistic style, amazing DIY tutorials: Ivania Carpio has it all. She is for sure the most consistent in her personal style. Her aesthetic point of view is very clear and she is so creative. She also proves that you can look amazing on a budget.

Man Repeller
Besides having mastered the skill of layering clothes and inventing the Arm Party, Leandra Medine is a hilarious writer that keeps pulling you in. What makes her so lovable is that she doesn’t take herself too seriously and the whole concept of wearing what you like not what guys like is brilliant.

Wolfcub Chronicles
Brydie Mack has an excellent personal style, but the best thing about this australian blog are the images (and GIFS!!) that she collects and compiles using the world wide web. Most of the images in my “Inspirations” folder come from this blog.

Imagine Fashion

So I just discovered this really cool website called Imagine Fashion. They offer a different take on online shopping by displaying the current windows of shops such as Barneys, Selfridges, Colette and many more with a direct link from the displayed item to the online shop – in other words online window shopping. But for me the coolest thing about iF are the videos: They offer both very cool Fashion Films as well as interesting interviews with fashion’s most important figures. Check out my obvious favorite..

short summer


Here are a couple of snapshots from my 10 day trip to Portugal. Most of them were taken in Lisbon (Carnide and Bairro Alto to be more specific). I didn’t really document my days in Tavira because I only carried around a towel and sunscreen. Next week my life is back to (almost) normal – almost because I’ll have to start packing and preparing for Amsterdam.. All of these are posted on Instagram. To follow me, look for Rorablog.




Here’s a new video from P’trique in a whirlwind of social media. Plus, he sits down with one of my favorites, Leandra Medine from the Man Repeller for some personality drinks #totesamaze – My mom was standing next to me while I was watching the video and didn’t understand a word P’trique was talking about. Good for her. Because I knew exactly what he meant with FBPP or Rise, Hudson and Sierra. Guess the joke is on me..!