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Sightseeing in Prague

This weekend I’m in Prague and since the weather was incredibly nice I went for some sightseeing with my favorite photographer yesterday. What I’m wearing: T-Shirt from Asos, scuba skirt from H&M trend, sunnies from Zipper with a Monki chain and my new lipstick of choice from Inglot (no. 420). Also, I have another beauty favorite that I need to talk about. The Kiehl’s BB cream. Super smooth and perfect for someone who doesn’t like to wear makeup.

Me in PragueMe in PragueMe in PragueMe in PragueMe in Prague

Photos by Hendrik Jung




Just some beautiful photographs that I have recently downloaded including some lovely vintage Moss and Anja Konstantinova’s hair. Keywords are fresh, delicate, girly, vulnerable, oh and of course cat.
Inspiration Inspiration Inspiration Inspiration Inspiration Inspiration Inspiration Inspiration


Images via Tumblr, Pinterest, Wolfcub, Because I’m Addicted

Lacanau Océan

Long time no see! This was the longest hiatus in Røra Blog history, but I am determined to get back to more regular posting habits.

So without further ado, here are some pictures from my vacation to Lacanau Océan in the south of France. What a beautiful place that was. And being with the boyfriend always has the advantage that I will have nice pictures of myself (among of course many other advantages). Clothes-wise, these pictures feature a graphic bra from H&M, an old t-shirt that I cut up, my beloved leather jacket from I Don’t Like Mondays as well as a denim circle skirt from Asos.

LacanauLacanauLacanau Lacanau LacanauLacanauLacanauPhotos by Hendrik Jung® and some taken from my Instagram

Style Inspiration: The Ladies

Here are a couple of examples of what’s going on in my style inspiration folder.

1. I wonder who the ladies in this photograph are – they are the coolest clique I’ve ever seen. They’re like super heroes and they all have a specific super power. Running at the speed of light, flying, bringing the dead back to life and hypnosis. Please make them a cartoon!
2. I’m clearly not over the sporty look yet, especially in a sophisticated combination. And all white is SO good. Wonder if it gets to make the transition from summer to fall.
3. My love for transparent things continues as well, the voyeuristic part is very interesting, but normally the insides of a purse are not so glamorous.
4. Givenchy, is there really anything to add?
5. The bag. The metallic smudged denim. Sheer.
6. And here you can see my handbag crush: The Alexander Wang Diego. I found a similar one on Asos that’s on sale and I’m considering it, but with the move and starting school it’s not really a priority.. or is it?

Images via Wolfcub, Columbine and Tumblr


I stumbled upon this series by Kesler Tran on the Ben Trovato blog. The soft focus makes these photographs look dreamy, reminiscent of David Hamilton’s famous work. But the colors are different, they are stronger, colder, not so romantic and therefor create a different kind of atmosphere. I also really like the model and styling in this series called “Escape”.
I really wanted the story to give off a feeling of exploration, freedom, and being alone. [..] I always wanted to shoot something a little bit softer than my usual stuff, but not to appear “commercial” so the time of day I chose was more mid/ late afternoon, but not quite the golden hour” Kesler tells Ben Trovato.
Read more here.

diving with Elena Kalis

I love browsing through the many pages of the Ben Trovato blog, which focusses mainly on fashion photography. There is so much talent out there. Like Elena Kalis. She specializes in underwater photography and draws inspiration from Alice in Wonderland.
The contrasts and colors in her pictures are amazing. I have taken photos under water, but they looked flat and nothing like hers. Also, the composition is remarkable in spite of the fact that orientation under water, as well as posing and the positioning of props (like in the photo with the balls) are very difficult. I don’t know how she does it.

Read an interview with Elena Kalis on Ben Trovato and see more of her work here.

All Images via Ben Trovato

La Donna D’oro

Fashion editorial I found on the Ben Trovato blog. There’s more here.

Photography – Jesse Koska
Styling – Aria Cavaliere
Makeup – Emily Bartholomew
Model – Rachel Ruff

Bjørg Jewellery

Beautiful jewellery by norwegian designer Bjørg Nordli-Mathisen. Check out the promotional video by Matias Rygh and Mathias Eriksen and the 2012 lookbook. Dreamy and weird in a good way.

more images here.

look.. Lara Stone

The tall blonde shot by Terry Richardson. Beautiful.

look.. it’s Lindsey

Lindsey Wixson

Shot by: Angelo Pennetta

Styling: Ondine Azoulay

I dig. She’s awesome.

Images via Anywho