Style Inspiration: The Ladies


Here are a couple of examples of what’s going on in my style inspiration folder.

1. I wonder who the ladies in this photograph are – they are the coolest clique I’ve ever seen. They’re like super heroes and they all have a specific super power. Running at the speed of light, flying, bringing the dead back to life and hypnosis. Please make them a cartoon!
2. I’m clearly not over the sporty look yet, especially in a sophisticated combination. And all white is SO good. Wonder if it gets to make the transition from summer to fall.
3. My love for transparent things continues as well, the voyeuristic part is very interesting, but normally the insides of a purse are not so glamorous.
4. Givenchy, is there really anything to add?
5. The bag. The metallic smudged denim. Sheer.
6. And here you can see my handbag crush: The Alexander Wang Diego. I found a similar one on Asos that’s on sale and I’m considering it, but with the move and starting school it’s not really a priority.. or is it?

Images via Wolfcub, Columbine and Tumblr