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Picasso’s Paintings

It’s kind of magical when art and fashion meet. Eugenio Recuenco created a quite original, quirky fashion story as an homage to Picasso’s work. He directly references a number of paintings, including one of my personal favorites “Pierreuse with her hand on her shoulder” (the lady in red).

Picasso's PaintingsPicasso's PaintingsPicasso's PaintingsPicasso's Paintings
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What’s next?


There has been a lot of talk about the circus going on outside the fashion shows at fashion week. Suzy Menkes from T Magazine wrote a critical article about the peacocking attention seekers, the instagramming insiders, the photographing bloggers etc. (if you haven’t read Leandra Medine’s rebuttal to the article, read it now).
Since, I’ve never actually witnessed this chaos, I thought it was very interesting to see this documentary feature called “Take My Picture” by Garage magazine. It is nuts how many photographers hang out outside of the fashion shows. Tim Blanks, reporter for Style.com, talks about how everyone these days tries to take part in the circus that is fashion and rightly asks what’s next? I’m curious to see..

Dreaming of Summer

I got my hopes up again. The weather has been teasing me the last couple of days and all I can do is think about the summer. Everyone is always telling me how great Amsterdam is when it’s warm and sunny and I can’t wait to experience it and wear all those crop tops I bought in anticipation.

Here is something I envision myself wearing this summer (in a perfect world). I must say I really love the result of the collaboration between Vans and Kenzo. thinking about summerImages via Weekday.com, Farfetch, Trendland, Shopbop

The Little Rubber Dress

It might be the aftermath of the BDSM trend in fashion, that we have been seeing a lot of latex and PVC as well as rubbery materials. I personally love the idea of making these materials wearable. But then, are they really wearable?

The most recent episode of the HBO show Girls showed the pretentious character Marni in a transparent rubber dress over a golden skirt and bustier. She tries to be someone she’s not and the dress just perfectly underlines this. It’s squeaky and it just looks awkward. Plus, wouldn’t you sweat in a rubber dress? And then it would get all sticky under there?


The little rubber dress didn’t work for Marni, but it sure did for Burberry Prorsum.

Designer Christopher Bailey really brought the kink to this show, which he balanced by having the models walk in kitten heels. The collection, called Trench Kisses, revisited the classic trench coat – although the sexy Latex and hardware elements added a more exhibitionist connotation, as if the purpose of the trench coat was to wear nothing underneath.

Burberry Prorsum Fall 2013 Burberry Prorsum Fall 2013 Burberry Prorsum Fall 2013Burberry Prorsum Fall 2013

Images via Style.com

Where I live

I’ve been wanting to do a post like this for a while to show you some details of my room here in Amsterdam. So this is where I live:

my room

I have always loves hatstands and when I moved in, this red one was standing in my room. The pink table is a new acquisition of mine. I bought it at Dom and it is super smart, as the top part is a tray that you can take off the stand. I call it my trayble.

my room

In this photo you can see a couple of boxes that I really love. The one with the wooden bottom and the heavy glass lid is from Iittala and the one I use to keep my sunglasses in is from Muji.

my room

This adorable chain of lights were a gift from my mom to lighten up my dark attic space.

my room

This one hangs above my bed and matches a globe that I have on my nightstand. I don’t know what it is about maps but I just find them so beautiful.

my roomMy window.

New in..

Thanks to the sunshine, for the first time in months I went shopping. While I do love my online shopping it was nice to finally go outside and actually enjoy it. I can not wait for spring!

Here’s what I got: A t-shirt with a mesh detail on the sleeves from Monki, a suede jacket that fits me perfectly from Episode and a mesh bra from Weekday. I can’t get enough of mesh these days..Monki T Episode jacket Weekday bra

Busy me

Wow, so I realized that I haven’t posted a single thing on here since January. That’s not ok. But in my defense, I have been really busy at Amfi, learning how to design, construct and finish a garment. Still can’t believe I actually did it considering the sewing machine was a stranger to me until recently. If you’re interested to see it, check out this video – my design is worn by the third girl on the “runway”, aka our design class room.

After finishing this project, I had the so called midterm assessment, which I passed, allowing me to stay at the school.

1. semester: check.

Then, I couldn’t resist going back to Cologne to celebrate carnival. Here’s a photo of possibly my most successful costume to date:


White Hot

For me the item of the hour: The white sweater. Wether it’s clean cut, chunky knit, cropped or classic as seen on Ivania Carpio from Love Aesthetics – considering my budget I would go for the latter version from American Apparel. Maybe it’s because of the snow that has been constantly covering the streets of Amsterdam for the last couple of days, but white in winter is just such a beautiful combo.
Ivania CarpioWhite SweaterAcne via Farfetch, 3.1. Phillip Lim via La Garçonne, American Apparel pullover here


Sky in Saint Laurent

Beautiful pre-fall 2013 campaign for Saint Laurent modeled by Sky Ferreira (so jealous of that girl’s hair!). The use of leather in this collection is so, so hot – pure luxury. I now have a small obsession with the two dresses on the bottom and the fur clutch. See the rest of the collection here.004fullscreenSky for Saint LaurentSky for Saint LaurentSky for Saint Laurent Sky for Saint Laurent Sky for Saint Laurent Sky for Saint Laurent


This was actually part of an assignment I had to do for fabric class – photograph an everyday outfit for uni and write about it. So I thought I might as well share it here. I’m wearing a paisley blouse from Zara, Weekday backpack, Asos boots (on sale now – I never learn my lesson, why do I always buy stuff right before it’s on sale?) and my new skinnies: blue jeans with a berry-colored coating. #14 #14 shoes