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New in

New In New InGot something new from Asos.. again. I know it’s like super boring of me to always buy stuff from the same place but how could I resist this top? It’s cropped, white and transparent! All the things I like. Plus I got 20% off.. It’s really not my fault.

Oh, and I’m sorry for the amateur pics, I hate uploading selfies but I don’t have any photographer around at the moment so this will have to do.


Straight from my “Interiors / Decor” inspiration folder, here are some of my favorite interiors. While I have no money for nice furniture, I think I’d like to invest in some plants. Now, I know nothing about plants and I have very little sunlight in my room, so I might start a cactus collection or something like that. If you have some plant tips for someone who is lazy and has little sunlight and patience, let me know. Favorite InteriorsFavorite Interiors Favorite Interiors Favorite Interiors Favorite Interiors Favorite Interiors Favorite InteriorsFavorite Interiors Favorite Interiors Favorite Interiors

Today’s Details


As always I was excited to receive a parcel from ASOS yesterday. This time it contained a set of 10 different sized rings that you can just stack your hands with. Paired with matte white nail polish I’d say it looks pretty good.


Spring Breakers: Shit made stylish

Spring Breakers

I haven’t been to the cinema in ages and today I went and saw the hype film of the year, Spring Breakers. The first five minutes I thought, yes, this will be awesome – got all excited with the slow mo ass shaking and dub step, I guess I’m impressionable like that. And then things got weird. And weirder.

Spring Breakers

Sure, it was sexy and provocative, disney chicks gone bad and all, but this didn’t go beyond that for me. Between all the tacky lines (“Spring break forever…” barf) and the great acting of  James Franco, I didn’t know whether to hate or love what I’m seeing. And after all those months of build up and hype with the magazine covers and the pink balaclavas at urban outfitters and just a shitload of promotion, I guess I am just underwhelmed.

Why did I expect this film to be deep on some level? Actually, I know exactly why. It’s my unwavering love for James Franco. I figured if he’s in it, there has got to be an intellectual aspect to it, a deeper meaning – and I kept looking and looking for it. And now I feel like it’s just a big fat mockery of “generation YOLO” – personally though, I don’t think that is enough substance. But who knows. Maybe this film doesn’t want to be meaningful in any sort of way and the whole point is just to make something that’s visually and sonically stimulating.

I am a sucker for stylish shit. But I am also a movie lover and this film was nothing more than shit made stylish.



WhiteMy inspirations folder is full of the color white these days. The 90s vibe seems to be just as omnipresent. Here are some of my favorite examples in a collage. F R E S H, no?


Ripped to Shreds

Marques Almeida SS13

Ever since their launch in 2011, I have followed the portuguese design duo Marques Almeida. Marta Marques and Paulo Almeida only graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2011 and have already been able to make a name for themselves with their grungy style and distressed denim. Their motto: “fashion is about attitude, not hemlines”. I personally adore them. And it also makes me kind of proud that they’re portuguese.Marques Almeida SS13Marques Almeida SS13

Images via Marques Almeida‘s FB page

Miista – Quirky Elegance

Best known for their iridescent brogues, Miista is a creative shoe label based in Hackney, London. What they offer is pretty unique, they really found a balance between quirky and elegant. If I had to choose a favorite pair, I’d go for the heavy chelsea boots.Miista Shoes



Happy Tunes

You need to check out the Vogue S/S ’13 playlist, created by enfant terrible Arman Nafeei. It features some good old Bowie, as well as Kendrick Lamar and a fresh take on “Homesick” (Kings of Convenience) by DJ Koze. Just a great selection of music that will put you in the mood for summer – now all I need is for the weather to cooperate. This list is already on repeat. Read more about Arman on the Vogue blog here.


Biggest Crush

It was love at first sight when I entered the Acne shop in Amsterdam today. Actually, I had already seen them online, but up close they are even more amazing: the Lila ankle boots. Lots of buckles, patent leather and a rubber sole. I’m in love. Now all I need is 540€..Acne LilaAcne LilaAcne Lila

Throwback to 1980

Brooke Shields for Calvin KleinJust stumbled upon this Calvin Klein ad campaign from the 1980s starring 15-year old Brooke Shields. The whole thing was shot and directed by Richard Avedon. Funny to compare this to ads nowadays. This is so simple and cute and awkward.