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Just some beautiful photographs that I have recently downloaded including some lovely vintage Moss and Anja Konstantinova’s hair. Keywords are fresh, delicate, girly, vulnerable, oh and of course cat.
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Images via Tumblr, Pinterest, Wolfcub, Because I’m Addicted


Straight from my “Interiors / Decor” inspiration folder, here are some of my favorite interiors. While I have no money for nice furniture, I think I’d like to invest in some plants. Now, I know nothing about plants and I have very little sunlight in my room, so I might start a cactus collection or something like that. If you have some plant tips for someone who is lazy and has little sunlight and patience, let me know. Favorite InteriorsFavorite Interiors Favorite Interiors Favorite Interiors Favorite Interiors Favorite Interiors Favorite InteriorsFavorite Interiors Favorite Interiors Favorite Interiors

Happy Images

I have mixed feelings when it comes to Instagram. There is nothing artistic about snapshots taken with your iPhone, especially when a filter is applied to make it look like you took it with a polaroid camera using a film that expired in 2005 or adding a little blur to poorly imitate bokeh. However, if it’s not taken too seriously it can just be a fun way to illustrate your life and have a glimpse into what the life of others may look like. And even though at least 95% of the pictures on Instagram are cheesy and frankly not good, there are some that have an aesthetic appeal about them and others that can put a smile on my face. Like these for instance..Featured Instagram users, not necessarily in that order:
hendrikj, ohhaiitsme, kosh_dp, scottlane, wisut, moneal, punkhippie, hypoison, unique_lapin, whitneyreeder, lalovetta, theredhype, samwolfhaley, jcl_paris, misssewnso, helenailcorno, tristwin

mood board: spring

We’re finally getting some love from the weather! This and the fact that my inspirations folder has gotten a lot fuller resulted in the need to share. The mood board is made from pictures I found on different tumblrs and blogs (fcknsweet, Jurgen Teller TumblrBecause I’m AddictedStudded Hearts) and it is influenced by the 90s, pastel colors and a little bit of danger, sex and “I don’t give a shit” I guess.

Oh, and can I just say how much I love pastel colored hair? I know, we’re seeing a lot of it online but not so much on the streets.. if I was blonde I’d do it in a heartbeat, but I’m not. So everyone who’s thinking about it please dye your hair and make my day!