Happy Images


I have mixed feelings when it comes to Instagram. There is nothing artistic about snapshots taken with your iPhone, especially when a filter is applied to make it look like you took it with a polaroid camera using a film that expired in 2005 or adding a little blur to poorly imitate bokeh. However, if it’s not taken too seriously it can just be a fun way to illustrate your life and have a glimpse into what the life of others may look like. And even though at least 95% of the pictures on Instagram are cheesy and frankly not good, there are some that have an aesthetic appeal about them and others that can put a smile on my face. Like these for instance..Featured Instagram users, not necessarily in that order:
hendrikj, ohhaiitsme, kosh_dp, scottlane, wisut, moneal, punkhippie, hypoison, unique_lapin, whitneyreeder, lalovetta, theredhype, samwolfhaley, jcl_paris, misssewnso, helenailcorno, tristwin