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Picks of the Day

This is an outfit that’s currently on my wish list (‘wish’ being the operative word here). While that amazing Givenchy bag is more of a distant dream, the Diesel tee is in reach.. maybe I’ll give myself a late birthday present?picks of the week

Wishful Thinking

If only I could win the lottery – in this case 2164 € would suffice – I could give into the craving I feel when I see these pieces. The perfect outfit for fall consists of marble print, navy and patent leather as well as thick soled boots and a baker cap.Wishful Thinking

Sightseeing in Prague

This weekend I’m in Prague and since the weather was incredibly nice I went for some sightseeing with my favorite photographer yesterday. What I’m wearing: T-Shirt from Asos, scuba skirt from H&M trend, sunnies from Zipper with a Monki chain and my new lipstick of choice from Inglot (no. 420). Also, I have another beauty favorite that I need to talk about. The Kiehl’s BB cream. Super smooth and perfect for someone who doesn’t like to wear makeup.

Me in PragueMe in PragueMe in PragueMe in PragueMe in Prague

Photos by Hendrik Jung


New in

Topshop has arrived to Amsterdam. On Monday I went to the opening at De Bijenkorf and of course I couldn’t resist buying something. Got this sporty long sleeve with airtex details from Topman actually (guys they have great stuff!). But I have my eye on a white teddy bear fur jacket as well as a powdery pink trench coat.

My pick

People who know me know that I’m mildly obsessed with Asos. Not that they have better clothes than other places, but there’s something so easy about clicking the purchase button. When the parcel arrives the memory of payment is long gone and I feel like I am receiving a present. And then I get to unpack. Here are some of the items on my watch list (I often just watch items for weeks waiting for the inevitable tick tock shop or sunday sale). I am about 85% sure that I will buy the vagabond chelsea boots.. just need that final push (aka more cash).ASOS favorites

Lacanau Océan

Long time no see! This was the longest hiatus in Røra Blog history, but I am determined to get back to more regular posting habits.

So without further ado, here are some pictures from my vacation to Lacanau Océan in the south of France. What a beautiful place that was. And being with the boyfriend always has the advantage that I will have nice pictures of myself (among of course many other advantages). Clothes-wise, these pictures feature a graphic bra from H&M, an old t-shirt that I cut up, my beloved leather jacket from I Don’t Like Mondays as well as a denim circle skirt from Asos.

LacanauLacanauLacanau Lacanau LacanauLacanauLacanauPhotos by Hendrik Jung® and some taken from my Instagram

Dreaming of Summer

I got my hopes up again. The weather has been teasing me the last couple of days and all I can do is think about the summer. Everyone is always telling me how great Amsterdam is when it’s warm and sunny and I can’t wait to experience it and wear all those crop tops I bought in anticipation.

Here is something I envision myself wearing this summer (in a perfect world). I must say I really love the result of the collaboration between Vans and Kenzo. thinking about summerImages via Weekday.com, Farfetch, Trendland, Shopbop

Where I live

I’ve been wanting to do a post like this for a while to show you some details of my room here in Amsterdam. So this is where I live:

my room

I have always loves hatstands and when I moved in, this red one was standing in my room. The pink table is a new acquisition of mine. I bought it at Dom and it is super smart, as the top part is a tray that you can take off the stand. I call it my trayble.

my room

In this photo you can see a couple of boxes that I really love. The one with the wooden bottom and the heavy glass lid is from Iittala and the one I use to keep my sunglasses in is from Muji.

my room

This adorable chain of lights were a gift from my mom to lighten up my dark attic space.

my room

This one hangs above my bed and matches a globe that I have on my nightstand. I don’t know what it is about maps but I just find them so beautiful.

my roomMy window.


This was actually part of an assignment I had to do for fabric class – photograph an everyday outfit for uni and write about it. So I thought I might as well share it here. I’m wearing a paisley blouse from Zara, Weekday backpack, Asos boots (on sale now – I never learn my lesson, why do I always buy stuff right before it’s on sale?) and my new skinnies: blue jeans with a berry-colored coating. #14 #14 shoes

#13 Walking Charlie

Here are some photos of yesterday, a beautiful sunny sunday in december. I took little Charlie for a walk – although I consider myself a cat person, it’s nice to pretend to be a dog owner sometimes. In the background you can see the trees sticking out of the flooded Rhine promenade in Cologne.
I am wearing my beloved coat from the vintage store Episode, denim from H&M, knit from 3suisses, ASOS boots and an angora hat from COS.#13 #13#13