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The Perfect Length

I have a little obsession with the midi length. It is perfect for winter and looks gorgeous with heels. I’m wearing: Crop top from Cheap Monday, my mother’s old knit skirt, and wedges I borrowed from my friend, who shares my love for this exquisite length and joined me in this photo wearing her H&M dress and her signature creepers.

new in: spiky sweater

Yesterday, I was in Amsterdam to organize some things before the big move at the end of this week. But when I discovered a small boutique on the Herengracht and spotted this fierce studded sweatshirt, I couldn’t resist.



This is one of my go-to outfits when I want to be comfortable without wearing sweat pants because I like to look like I give a shit. I don’t think there’s any reason to wear lounge wear in public so I just go for oversized garments instead.
By the way, this photograph was taken with a Mamiya RB 67 Pro SD, a brilliant medium format camera, but way too heavy for me to use.
I am wearing a shirt from H&M, Cheap Monday jeans that I tore up myself and Asos sneakers.


Lost in Lisbon

I have had a great weekend here in Lisbon. It’s one of my favorite places in the world and the city never disappoints me. We spent hours at Lost in, a place I strongly recommend, for its fair prices, delicious food, cozy atmosphere and a terrace with the most amazing view.I thought I’d also share my outfit from yesterday. Latest addition to my wardrobe and a new favorite is this blouse from Zara. The shorts I’m wearing used to be skinny jeans from Monki, belt used to be my mom’s, purse is from Zara, cuff from Asos and the big bruise on my leg is from being very clumsy lately..


Tomorrow I am off to Lisbon for the weekend and then I have a week of Algarve ahead. Can’t wait to feel the sun and ocean breeze on my skin, sounds so corny but it’s just what the doctor ordered. Literally.
Here you can see about half of what I packed for the ten days. 32°c is what awaits me, which is why I packed so many pairs of shorts. There’s no such thing as too many shorts, right?

Bikini Time

Next week I can start packing for Portugal. I can’t tell you how excited I am, we’ve just had the worst summer here in Cologne and I can not wait to leave it behind and hit the beach. Here’s my beach equipment..



My favorite color for this summer is white, especially when it’s paired with a pale fluorescent yellow, it just doesn’t get much fresher than that. Since I don’t own a suit (yet! I want one so bad!) I just like combining all my blazers with matching pants or in this case shorts. Men’s wear is always a great inspiration especially when there’s a feminine twist, in this case super short cut-offs.
Blazer from H&M, top from Weekday, shorts from Monki and second hand belt.


White and Gold

So happy about finding this ring trio from Asos, I usually tend to under-accessorize because I like it simple and these rings look simple yet really cool especially I find when in an ensemble with a matching simple choker (H&M). The top I’m wearing is from Asos by the way.


Today’s Details

Finally, it’s shorts time! These white cut offs are from Monki, paired with a belt that used to be my mom’s and an earthy colored T from Weekday.


new in

I got my favorite kind of mail today: A big box from ASOS. Once in a while I order a bunch of stuff just to try things on. This time there was more than one keeper. For one, this set of three rings: And these high top sneakers: