Amsterdam: young talent


In about one month I will be moving to Amsterdam to study at AMFI – the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. Since the day I got the acceptance letter everything has seemed so unreal but now that the semester is getting closer it is slowly sinking in, that I will be starting a whole new life.
I got even more excited when I saw Amfi Individual’s latest collection. It’s incredible how talented these young designers are and I feel really lucky to become one of their fellow students. This collection has a nomadic feel to it, with oriental influences as well as sporty accents. The outerwear is fabulous, the slouchy silhouette so current and everything looks very ready-to-wear. Plus, the way the runway show is put together is so smart: They start out with black, darker browns and burgundies with dubstep playing and end with white and some gold accents while there’s silence in the room. It’s like the models walk into the light at the end of the tunnel. But see for yourself.
To all the designers: You did an amazing job!