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Miista – Quirky Elegance

Best known for their iridescent brogues, Miista is a creative shoe label based in Hackney, London. What they offer is pretty unique, they really found a balance between quirky and elegant. If I had to choose a favorite pair, I’d go for the heavy chelsea boots.Miista Shoes



Busy me

Wow, so I realized that I haven’t posted a single thing on here since January. That’s not ok. But in my defense, I have been really busy at Amfi, learning how to design, construct and finish a garment. Still can’t believe I actually did it considering the sewing machine was a stranger to me until recently. If you’re interested to see it, check out this video – my design is worn by the third girl on the “runway”, aka our design class room.

After finishing this project, I had the so called midterm assessment, which I passed, allowing me to stay at the school.

1. semester: check.

Then, I couldn’t resist going back to Cologne to celebrate carnival. Here’s a photo of possibly my most successful costume to date:



Yesterday night we celebrated the relatively new tradition of “Kölner Lichter” meaning Cologne Lights which consists of boats decorated with colorful lights parading down the Rhine and a firework show as the grand finale. We don’t celebrate anything in particular but then, people in Cologne don’t really need reasons to drink and have fun. So I attended a soirée and for the occasion I thought why not wear a sequin dress, in my opinion a very good choice when there’s fireworks and sparklers involved.

Weekday pre-launch

Today Weekday is launching their new MTWTFSSWEEKDAY collection. It features high quality items and the finest fabrics such as cashmere, silk and leather.

Last night was the pre-launch and I was able to take a look at this highly anticipated collection.

I loved almost every garment, one could really tell they were of great quality. Weekday presented a wonderful collection. As usual effortless in simplicity and a low-key color palette, but smarter than ever and definitely more chic. As I had expected, my favorite was the white sweater.

I left my wallet at home though, sparkling wine was being served and I know the risk of drinking and shopping.

Also, there was a band from Sweden called Navet. You can check out some of their tracks here.

Here are some pictures from the event..




Soon, you shall be mine.




Their singer Julia was so lovely.


Unfortunately the trio was not complete, because their guitarist was sick – get better soon!

Impressions from the Dillon concert

Last week I went to the Dillon concert. It was brilliant. She sang and played the keyboard while this tall guy worked two mac books and sound machines I know nothing about. Her voice reminds me of Lykke Li, soft and vulnerable. She’s from Brazil but calls Cologne her home, writing her own songs and playing the piano. Now her debut album “The Silence Kills” came out, featuring this Track:

Here are some impressions from the concert.

And this is what I was wearing by the way (thanks for the photo, Jo). American Apparel velvet leggings and boots from Zara.

Cool Yule

Kind of surprised to see it is december already! As a result of global warming or whatever we’ve had virtually no rain this november, so I’m not really prepared for it to be winter just yet. Although I’d love for us to skip the rainy part and just get to the snowing already.

Anyway. December first means people are opening the first door of their Adventskalendar, one of my favorite German traditions. It’s on. Another great german tradition is Weihnachtsmarkt. A market where you can buy all sorts of things from trimmings for the christmas tree and festive decoration to roasted almonds and waffles. These markets are a great tourist attraction so I welcomed the oppurtunity to visit a more alternative market which was held at a local club called Gloria.

Here are some pictures of the wonderful stuff they had:

How adorable are the wrist watches? I didn’t buy anything that day, but the items from the photos are available here:

Sunglasses and T-Shirt: Chu – Brüsseler Str. 48

Awesome jacket and collars: Trinkhallen-Schickeria – Trimbornstr. 7 and here.

Brooches, pins and necklaces: Nice Nice Nice – here.

new in: AA White Chiffon Pleated Skirt

I was really lucky at the American Apparel warehouse sale which took place in Cologne this weekend. Today was the last day and I went this morning hoping there was still something left – and there was. The place was ginormous! 2.000 square meters filled with cotton spandex jersey bodysuits, nylon tricot high-waist zipper leggings, unisex organic cotton tees and many more items with complicated names.

In anticipation of huge chaos (à la London 2010) AA hired an army of trained security staff to control the masses and prevent a riot – which never came. They chose a location that is quite far from the city centre so when I got there this morning I was pretty much alone with 10 other people shopping and the staff. This was just great, I was able to take my time and stroll around. The chiffon skirt was hanging in the wrong section so by a brilliant mistake I was able to acquire this beauty for 6 euros plus a pair of burgundy-colored velvet leggings that were 60% off. In the end I was given a 20% voucher, a smoothie and pop corn. Was worth the trip.

(image from the AA sale in London, 2011, via shoparazzi)