Weekday pre-launch


Today Weekday is launching their new MTWTFSSWEEKDAY collection. It features high quality items and the finest fabrics such as cashmere, silk and leather.

Last night was the pre-launch and I was able to take a look at this highly anticipated collection.

I loved almost every garment, one could really tell they were of great quality. Weekday presented a wonderful collection. As usual effortless in simplicity and a low-key color palette, but smarter than ever and definitely more chic. As I had expected, my favorite was the white sweater.

I left my wallet at home though, sparkling wine was being served and I know the risk of drinking and shopping.

Also, there was a band from Sweden called Navet. You can check out some of their tracks here.

Here are some pictures from the event..




Soon, you shall be mine.




Their singer Julia was so lovely.


Unfortunately the trio was not complete, because their guitarist was sick – get better soon!