new in: AA White Chiffon Pleated Skirt


I was really lucky at the American Apparel warehouse sale which took place in Cologne this weekend. Today was the last day and I went this morning hoping there was still something left – and there was. The place was ginormous! 2.000 square meters filled with cotton spandex jersey bodysuits, nylon tricot high-waist zipper leggings, unisex organic cotton tees and many more items with complicated names.

In anticipation of huge chaos (à la London 2010) AA hired an army of trained security staff to control the masses and prevent a riot – which never came. They chose a location that is quite far from the city centre so when I got there this morning I was pretty much alone with 10 other people shopping and the staff. This was just great, I was able to take my time and stroll around. The chiffon skirt was hanging in the wrong section so by a brilliant mistake I was able to acquire this beauty for 6 euros plus a pair of burgundy-colored velvet leggings that were 60% off. In the end I was given a 20% voucher, a smoothie and pop corn. Was worth the trip.

(image from the AA sale in London, 2011, via shoparazzi)